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Doon is a well known Real Estate Consultants / Agents based at Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India and over the years have carved out a niche in the market to provide professional and personalized service to its valuable clients.Finding right opportunities for investments is essentially effortless with developing market of Real Estate in Dehradun.

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The organization has a showcase of project executions and it has completed various prestigious projects. The latest and pioneering construction techniques enable us to take up complex projects and execute them on time with earn. The company is selfreliant and possesses all latest tools and equipments necessary for the construction work

Residential Constructions

ll set to design your dream home? The decision to buy a residential property is a big decision, make sure your home is designed to meet your expectation. The concept of modern flats and apartment are bit different from housing of earlier days. Now the focus is on optimizing all the available space, without compromising on the quality of living.

To get the best in a small piece of are, you will need a help of professional home builders. And if you are constructing your home near Dehradun area, then consulting Doon Company, one of the leading names of house construction builders could help you in getting the best result.

Powered by the team of highly skilled interior designers and engineers, we use latest technology in order to deliver satisfying result to our clients. Whether you want to construct a villa or need assistance for modular home construction, our team is always there to help you.

We have managed hundreds of home building projects, whether you wish to design a colony, enclave or an independent home, we are ready to take up and complete various home building projects. Focusing on quality, our aim is to construct a home at locations like Dehradun that suits our customer's requirement.

Building Construction :

Doon, a leading name in real estate and construction world has complete many residential and commercial building construction work near Dehradun area.It is the right time to invest in commercial buildings and shopping malls for long term and promising return. Our motto is to let our investor help in earning real value from the real estate.

Hire Doon for quality and affordable building construction solutions. Our engineers and designers know what it takes to complete the big projects on time, supported by an active and co-operative team, we work in a strategic way to complete the building construction task.

Whether you wish to give a new touch to your old shopping mall or wish to construct a new shopping mall laced with latest commodities and representing the new height of civil engineering and architecture, we are here to complete all your big dreams and aspirations. Inspired to design an environment for better living, we work in collaboration with our clients to assist them in achieving their dreams.

Commercial Building construction

The construction and building work has set a new pace for commercial building construction as the world is growing fast, the demand of commercial construction services is increasing all over the world and India is not an exception.

If you are looking for a commercial builder for Dehradun area, call Doon An established commercial builder, we have designed many malls, shopping complex and offices from the scratch. Equipped with industry's top engineers and architects, we know what it takes to erect a skyscraper building on a ground full of dust. We have the confidence as well as competence and give solid shape to your idea and vision. Consult our engineers and building experts for designing call centers, data centers, distribution centers, flex tech buildings, office buildings, retail stores, and warehouses. The demand of commercial building is high near areas like Dehradun and its surroundings.

The scope of commercial construction is largely decided by the prospective growth of that area. It is suggested to grab the location before the price of the land become unapproachable.

Apartments and Flats Construction

Moving in to your own home is a wonderful experience. So, if you are planning to design your paradise, get in touch with Doon, we are one of the leading apartment builder in Dehradun, we have helped millions of people in designing their dream home. Avail our apartment construction service for 2 and 3 BHK flat construction work.

Investing in residential property has emerged as has emerged as one of the most promising investing alternative. One of the best thing about residential investment is , its value remain high in the market. Invest in flats and villas and secure your financial future. You can offer it on rent or use it for personal use, a well designed residential apartment and flat is delight for its owner. One of the best thing about well-designed construction is, it easily get fits well in different requirements of the clients.

One of the biggest challenges that a builder face while designing apartment and flats are, the size of the flats are shrinking. Due to high price of real estate and diminishing number of available land, now the focus is more on optimizing the available space.

While constructing apartment, one should focus on small details. A properly constructed home will always have a proper ventilation channel and allow natural light to illuminate the home. While designing the architecture and interior of the apartment we focus on each and every aspect of the flat, including its aesthetic sense, safety and basic structuring.